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Plan # 
Home Plan Type

Square Footage
1000 or less
1001 to 2000
2001 to 3000
3001 to 4000
4001 to 5000
Greater than 5000
Number of Bedrooms
1 2 3 4 5
Number of Bathrooms
1 1.5 2 2.5
3 4    5
1 2 3
Width (Feet, Maxumum)
Depth (Feet, Maximum)
Detatched 1 Car
2 Car 3 Car 4 Car
Master Bedroom
None        1st Floor
2nd Floor 3rd Floor

Great American homeplans .com offers an extensive collection of home plans, house plans, homeplans, garage plans, architectural plans and garage plans. Search from our plans and find the best plan to fit your needs. We offer title 24 heat and energy loss calculations, alternative foundations, and multiple options for front elevations on select plans. We offer to developers continuous numbering on multiple plan projects. All our plans are in house so you have one stop shopping and great customer service. Glossary of Terms used on this Website
Glossary of Construction Terms

Alternate Foundation Type:

All of our plans are drawn with a conventional "T-footing" or a raised foundation with a crawlspace. We also offer at an additional cost of $165.00 per plan a "Concrete Slab on Grade" foundation. If neither of these foundation choices are suitable we suggest that you order reproducible vellums and have your local professional make the changes that you require.

Blueprint Prices:

Since the cost of developing these plans can be spread over many orders, we are able to offer these building blueprints to you for a fraction of their development cost. Our price schedule (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, or H) and is based on the size of the plan. To determine the price of your plan, consult the Index of Plans and Price Schedule to obtain the correct price information for the number of sets you wish to order.

Estimating Costs:

Since component costs of building a home, including site preparation, labor, materials, permits, and transportation, vary widely from area to area, only a local expert, using the working-drawing blueprints, can give you accurate cost information. Costs will also vary with the extras you add and the economies you may be able to introduce. Square foot area shown for each plan is for living area only and does not include porch, garage, attic and deck areas since many of these features are optional, and in any case, cost less per square foot to build than the main dwelling. Square foot area can only give you a very rough idea of the cost and should not be used as a basis for a contract.

Mirror Reverse Set:

If you find a particular house plan would suit you or your lot better if it were reversed, we will reverse the plan and print as many copies as you desire. On a reverse set of plans the computer automatically corrects all words so they will read correctly. There is a $100.00 surcharge per plan order for doing this.

Number of sets of Blueprints Needed:

Five sets of a plan is a bare minimum for any construction project. You will need (1) set, your lender will need (1) set, your contractor will need (1) set, your building department will need (1-4) depending upon location and your subcontractors will need some sets. A single set of study prints is available so you can review the plan in detail. One set will not be enough to build your house and U.S. Copyright Laws prohibit reproduction of blueprints without permission. If you need a cost effective way for your builder or other professional to make major changes, consider ordering reproducible vellums -- original working drawings reproduced on erasable vellum. From these masters you can make as many copies as you like. Refer to the Plan Package Price Schedule for the cost of these reproducible.

Order Checklist:

In determining the total number of sets you will need, we suggest that you take the following into consideration: * To study the layout and design, 1-set is generally sufficient * To build the home, you may need to customize your order using the available options such as mirror reversed plans, or reproducible vellums. You may need to check with you lender, subdivision association, building department, planning department, and general contractor to determine the total number of sets necessary.

Our Order Policy:

* It is our intent to give you prompt, courteous service. Upon receipt of your order, it will be processed immediately and depending upon payment, shipped as soon as funds are good. * All plan purchases are final. No refunds or exchanges as plans are project specific. * We will allow orders for additional sets up to 60 days from date of original purchase. After that date, any reorder will be considered a new order.

Payment Method:

We accept credit cards, cash and checks or money orders made out to Great American Homeplans. If you send a check shipment will not be released until check clears our bank.

Plan Package:

Each blueprint package provides clear concise plans with technical points covered in easy to understand language. Here is everything you need, in blueprint form, to show you and your builder the home you are going to build. The package includes the following: Exterior Elevations with the front elevation in different options (please choose one) at 1/4"=1'-0" scale, and the side elevations at 1/8"=1'-0" scale. The exterior materials are clearly marked along with ridge heights, plate heights and roof pitches. Floor Plan(s) are drawn at 1/4"=1'-0" with detailed dimensions and notations showing windows, doors, walls, cabinet layout, etc. to complete the architectural portion of your home. Foundation Plan is drawn at 1/4"=1'-0" with dimensions, details, and notations necessary to place rebar, concrete, posts and framing materials where necessary to complete the home. Roof Framing Plan(s) are drawn at 1/4"=1'-0" scale showing the ridge lines, overhangs, details, and framing necessary to complete the roof structure of your home. Cross Sections are drawn at 1/4"=1'-0" along vertical cut away views of your home. We will select those areas that give you and your builder the best view of what a dissection of your home will look like. Electrical Plan(s) are drawn at 1/4"=1'-0" and include all switch locations, cable locations, light locations etc. We do not draw these on the floor plan(s) as it often clutters and becomes confusing with all the information you are trying to decipher. Detail Sheets are normally drawn at 3/4"=1'-0" and include all the details called out throughout the plans such as foundation stemwall, ridge tie, window and door trim etc. It is the blowup of all the small intricate pieces that make up the jigsaw puzzle. We draw those details which are not standard or are necessary to understand our goal of completing your home.

Reproducible Vellums:

Original working-drawings reproduced on erasable vellum can be a cost-effective way for your builder or other local professional to make changes without redrawing the plan from scratch. Refer to the Plan Package Price Schedule for the cost of these Reproducible.

Shipping and Handling:

We ship most of our plans Via UPS. As a result, we will need a street address to properly process your order. Shipping costs may increase without notice. International shipping rates are higher and you will need to contact us prior to placement of order. Signature is required for all deliveries.

Terms of Sale:

All plans sold from this catalog are protected under the Federal Copyright Act. Reproduction of the working -drawing blueprints is strictly prohibited. The purchaser of the 5-set construction package is licensed to construct the plan as originally designed or to change the plan to meet specific needs. The purchaser of reproducible vellums is licensed to modify and reproduce sets of blueprints for one house and not for resale. The purchase of 1-set of blueprints is intended for review and study. If construction is contemplated, the 5-set package is the required minimum. Within 30 days of purchase of the 1-set, the purchaser may "trade up" to the 5-set package (4 additional sets) for a cost of $100.00 plus shipping, after which the cost of each additional set is the standard $40.00 plus shipping. The purchaser may purchase additional sets of blueprints at $100.00 each plus shipping for up to 60 days from the date of original purchase after which any additional purchases will be considered a new order.

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Title 24 Heat and Energy Loss Calculations:

Title 24 heat and energy loss calculations are calculations only required to my knowledge in California. We use the State of California Software to run these calculations. These calculations are an additional $150.00 (price schedules AA, A, B, C) and an additional $200.00 (price schedules D, E, F) and require that you specify a front orientation (North, South, East, or West) as the heat loss through windows is determined by which way the glazing is facing.

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