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Plan # 
Home Plan Type

Square Footage
1000 or less
1001 to 2000
2001 to 3000
3001 to 4000
4001 to 5000
Greater than 5000
Number of Bedrooms
1 2 3 4 5
Number of Bathrooms
1 1.5 2 2.5
3 4    5
1 2 3
Width (Feet, Maxumum)
Depth (Feet, Maximum)
Detatched 1 Car
2 Car 3 Car 4 Car
Master Bedroom
None        1st Floor
2nd Floor 3rd Floor

Great American homeplans .com offers an extensive collection of home plans, house plans, homeplans, garage plans, architectural plans and garage plans. Search from our plans and find the best plan to fit your needs. We offer title 24 heat and energy loss calculations, alternative foundations, and multiple options for front elevations on select plans. We offer to developers continuous numbering on multiple plan projects. All our plans are in house so you have one stop shopping and great customer service. Custom Home Price List

Great American Homeplans.com is proud to offer custom home plan design and drafting along with our thousands of stock plans. If you have purchased or are going to purchase one of our plans we will provide customization to that plan or you can use our custom home team to design a truly unique home to fit your exact needs. If you know exactly what you want write to us and we will give you an exact price for the custom home of your dreams. If you already have a floor plan and elevation from somewhere else but would like us to create working drawings we would be happy to do so at the pricing below for drafting fees. Our fees for the drafting service are based on the living area square footage of the finished plan as long as there are no further no changes by the owner to perform. If you do not have a floor plan and elevation we then charge $65.00 per hour to design and plan your home based on our Custom Design fees.

Custom Design:

We charge a retention fee of $2000.00 to begin any design project. You provide us a wish list with all the rooms, design elements, square footage, and number of stories, garage and home style. We in turn based on your criteria and discussions on how you live and use your home come up with a design or designs based on those requirements. We work to exclude those elements you are not happy with while enhancing those elements you do like. Once we have finalized your design any hours will be billed against your retention and the balance will then be applied towards your drafting fees. At any point that your retention drops below $500.00 you will be required to pay additional monies to achieve the $2000.00 retention prior to continuing with your project.

Purchase Retention Fee $2000.00

Drafting fees for new homes based on total square footage of living area:

(Owner must have either had us draw a custom design, or provided us floorplan(s) and front elevation ready to have drafting done with no changes).

New Homes 0-800 s.f. $1500.00
New Homes 801-1500 s.f. $2000.00
New Homes 1501-2000 s.f. $2500.00
New Homes 2001-2500 s.f. $3000.00
New Homes 2501-3000 s.f. $3500.00
New Homes 3001-3500 s.f. $4000.00
New Homes 3501-4000 s.f. $4500.00
New Homes over 4000 s.f. $5000.00

Any changes that occur during the drafting process will have a change order signed and additional monies agreed to and paid prior to the commencement of these changes.

We provide the following drawings in all our custom home projects:

Site plan w/proposed (owner must provide assessors parcel map)
Floor Plan/s
Foundation Plan/Upper Floor Framing Plan if necessary
Roof Framing Plan
Details as they apply
Title 24 Heat and Energy Calculations (If in California only)

Hourly rate is $65.00 per hour on all other work

All Plans to exclude any and all engineering including but not limited to civil, soil, mechanical, or structural.

Alteration to Greatamericanhomeplans.com Stock Plan: Modification Estimate Request

Modification services are available for most Greatamericanhomeplans.com plans. Just follow these simple guidelines and consult the listing of common alterations below. (Alterations not available for all plans. Prices and completion time are subject to change).

To receive an estimated fee and completion time for modifications, please click here to print a faxable Modification Estimate Request. Please include a written description of the modifications you are requesting, along with a copy of the floor plan and/or elevation indicating the changes you would like to make, and fax to 707-578-4311.

Please Note: There is a $45 Initial Consultation fee to receive an estimate. If you decide to modify, the fee will be applied toward the cost of modifications.

Once your fax has been received, you will be contacted within 2 to 3 business days.

A plan package purchase (five set minimum) is required for modifications to be completed.

The plan package fee and 50% of the estimated modification fee are required before revisions can be made, and the remaining fees are to be paid prior to shipping.

Modifications typically start at approximately $600.00. Average modifications cost around $2,000.00, but vary widely. The following are price guidelines for some of the more common changes.

Foundation Alterations

See Plan Package options for a Full Standard Basement Foundation.
Crawl Space to Custom Walkout Basement Foundation - starting at $450.00
Crawl Space to Slab Foundation- starting at $450.00

Garage Alterations

Side Load to Front Entry - starting at $150.00
Front Entry to Side Load - starting at $150.00
Two Car to Three Car - starting at $300.00

Modify Exterior to Brick

Modify Exterior Building Material to Brick - starting at $450.00

Size Alterations

Stretch a One-Story Home - Take the width of the portion of the home to be stretched and multiply by $10.00. This is an approximate price.
Stretch a Two-Story Home - Take the width of the portion of the home to be stretched and multiply by $14.00. This is an approximate price.

Additional Modifications

Modify 8'-0" Main Level Walls to 9'-0" Main Level Walls - starting at $225.00
Modify 9'-0" Main Level Walls to 8'-0" Main Level Walls - starting at $225.00
Modify Exterior Walls from 2"x4" to 2"x6" - starting at $300.00

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Modifications

Q. What is the procedure to get a modification started?
A. Fax in a written request of proposed changes and submit your initial consultation fee, and you will receive an estimate within 2 to 3 business days. If you agree to the estimate, you will be sent a Modification Agreement to sign and return, along with the plan package fee and half of the estimated modification fee. The fees are required before modifications can be made. The remaining balance is to be paid prior to shipping the completed plans.

Q. Can I receive a cost estimate by giving my changes over the phone?
A. To receive a cost estimate, you must submit your request in written format.

Q. Can changes be made to meet my local building codes?
A. Greatamericanhomeplans.com does not modify plans to meet local building codes, wind speed requirements above 80MPH or seismic requirements. Please visit your local builder or architect for these requests.

Q. Can the square footage of a house be reduced by 10%?
A. It is not feasible to reduce the entire house by a percentage amount. Bathrooms, closets, hallways, et cetera, will no longer work feasibly. However, square footage can be reduced through stretch changes.

Q. Can my builder make changes?
A. It is possible that your builder can make changes. A lot depends on the complexity of the changes, the number of the changes to be made and your builder's aptitude. It is to your advantage to have the changes on the drawings the way you want them done, not the way the builder wants to do them.

Q. Can I add brick?
A. Yes brick can be added, but please note that it adds square footage to the house. Brick is added to the outside of the studs, so the plan grows approximately 6" around the perimeter. This change affects the foundation plan, floor plan, wall sections, building sections, rooflines, exterior elevations and the structural plan.

Q. What are some of the most common types of modifications?
A. Adding/reducing the square footage of the house, enlarging a garage to a three-car garage, adding a walkout basement, revising the exterior appearance, changing 2x4 exterior walls to 2x6.

Alteration to Greatamericanhomeplans.com Stock Plan: Modification Estimate Request

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